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Matt Kramer:
Parent-child mediation, mediator, photographer,
entertainment entrepreneur, talent consultant and coordinator.
Based in Tampa, doing business throughout Central Florida...and beyond...

Matt Kramer portrait by Karen Preuss

:: Business and Interests ::

Matt Kramer, mediator
Matt Kramer Mediation
Emotional healing with voice mapping
Emotional healing and perception reframing through biofeedback with voice mapping using Evox from Zyto.
Sessions available remotely, online!
Voice mapping and relationship training
Voice mapping and relationship training is insightful and valuable,
transforming perception to improve your relationships.

Vibroacoustic therapy helps promote healing, physical rehabilitation,
memory enhancement and reduces the effects of stress, tension, anxiety.
and the band broke up
And the Band Broke to avoid and/or manage conflict in the music business...
Read excerpts from the book, ask questions, write the authors, Matt Kramer - Stuart Yahm, buy the book.
Purchase and download the eBook version at Smashwords HERE, receive a $2 discount offer on the hard copy version.
Matt Kramer, officiant
Matt Kramer Officiant: non-denominational, personalized wedding ceremonies
Matt Kramer's photo gallery
Matt Kramer photo gallery
Open Predatory Leadership
Predator Leadership in progress, 2015:
Why is it that over and over again, the worst kinds of people are able to get into positions of power and control?
How has this anomaly distorted and manipulated the evolution of civilization?
What can we do about it?
Join the discussion.
Open Predatory Leadership
The original predatory leadership blogsite with archived articles and a video that was deleted by YouTube after receiving over 13,000 views.

:: Favorites ::

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FrogSong, a Cotati cohousing community
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Jennifer Warnes, singer/songwriter
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Robin Goodrow: Writer, TV producer/director, children's entertainer, secret national treasure...
(Currently residing at "Buster and Me")
Actor, musician, singer songwriter Micheal Goodrow
Official site for stage and screen actor, musician, singer songwriter Micheal Goodrow.
Well known for playing the role of Ernie Fields in the ABC TV series "Eight is Enough".
Goodrow Productions
Amazing! CD sister and brother songwriting team Robin and Micheal Goodrow.
Award winning, fun and imaginative music for children in various styles
Treya Palmer, Naturopath
Treya Palmer - Naturopath, bio feedback screening, holistic health consultant


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